CMJ Artist Spotlight: Plaid Brixx

For Fans Of: Cobra Starship, The Bravery, Neon Trees

Ohio-based trio Plaid Brixx was formed in early 2013 by the band’s lead singer Chris Duggan. Duggan’s degree from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music allowed him to graduate with an amazing portfolio of songs, as well as a strong music business acumen. In addition, living and studying in New York City exposed Duggan to all genres of music and he appreciated the opportunity to grow both his passion for writing music and its production. He worked and studied with well-known industry figures and gained performance experience at NYC venues such as Arlene’s Grocery, The Bowery Electric and Tammany Hall. The exposure paid off and is evident throughout the band’s recently released EP, Chemistry, especially in the title track.

What has been your biggest accomplishment this year so far?
I would say my biggest accomplishment this year has been that for the first time in my life I have so much to do that I am constantly busy and tired from working nonstop. And it’s the most wonderful thing in the world, to be able to say that I spend all of my time doing what I love or things directly related to it. Getting exhausted after a 15 hour day and waking up and having the luxury of doing it all again – I absolutely love it.  My accomplishment is that I finally have enough band-related work to keep me busy 24/7 and I am so grateful for this.

What are some of your goals for CMJ week? 
First and foremost I want us to put on an amazing show. Even if it means having to drink 5 lattes and do something stupid, I want the show to be memorable and ridiculously awesome. Other minor goals include eating amazing pizza every day, hunting for lyrical material all over the city, and hopefully staying busy enough to not realize how tired I will be by the end of the week.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2014?
I have just finished 9 new songs and we are going to be recording them and picking the best 5 for a new EP. It’s going to blow the last EP out of the water and take us to the next level musically. I am pushing to get these new songs out there ASAP because every single one of them blows away the ones on our first EP. Other than that, we are going to continue touring and playing in between stints in the recording studio. I am so grateful to be this busy! I have been thoroughly enjoying the opportunities we’ve had so far and look forward to seeing where we can sail this plaid brigantine.

CMJ Schedule:
10/22 – The Living Room – Brooklyn, NY

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