Artist of the Week: Steffan Argus

Artist of the Week: Steffan Argus

Steffan Argus is an 18 year old musician, actor and model with his debut EP Lost at Sea out now. The EP has already been featured by Billboard Magazine. Originally from Chicago, Steffan can currently be seen as the male lead in Awesomeness TV’s award winning show The Commute in which he stars opposite Claudia Sulewski and he will also be seen soon on FOX’s new Marvel show The Giftedpremiering October 2nd.

Steffan’s debut single “Make Me Cry” which was released last year has been played well over a million times across across social media and streaming platform like Soundcloud and Spotify.

You’re going on a first date with our readers – how do you introduce yourself?
Hello, my name is Steffan. Lets make our story together and will it to be nothing but the best art.

For those unfamiliar, how would you describe your sound?
Indie Alternative Pirate Neverland Pop Rock

What songs should someone listen to first?
“Leaving London” encapsulates the vision and trajectory of my music quite well. It’s a gentle opening into the world that my music invites everyone to, who’s willing to listen.

How long was Lost at Sea a work in progress?
“Leaving London” was written three years ago. The beginning of my Peter Pan inspired music. The rest came just over this past year or so. Recording was a long process because I wanted the music to be just so. And now, I’d like to think it is.

With over 1 million streams and a nearly sold out show in L.A., it’s safe to say the reception to the EP has been positive. What has that been like for you?
A dream come true. I feel such a sense of community with the people who have offered their attentive minds and listening ears. Making art is magic in itself but being able to share it with such a welcoming audience has me floating.

How are you balancing music and acting right now? Are you prioritizing one over the other?
I love to tell stories. However I am able to do that, I will. They both seem to come in waves. I’m hoping the coming years will be a tsunami of the two.

On the acting side, what can you tell us about your character on The Gifted
Being a part of The Gifted so far has been just that, a gift. I love fantasy and sci-fi and this has been one of the first projects like that I’ve been involved with. My character is Jack, the boyfriend of the mutant fugitive Lauren Strucker. Needless to say, her being chased by the government throws a bit of a monkey wrench in our teen romance.

Where can fans catch you this year? Tours, festivals, etc.
I am starting non stop rehearsals with my band to put together a full show with an albums worth of music. Expect an album, and that album to be played in as many places as I can, as soon as possible.

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