CMJ Artist Spotlight: Holiday Mountain

For Fans Of: M.I.A., Little Dragon, No Doubt

Formed in 2011, Holiday Mountain is Laura Patiño (keyboard, vocals), Bradley Will (synth, bass, vocals), and Zander Kagle (drums). The group met while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, where they were brought together by a common desire to push musical boundaries. With influences ranging from Billie Holliday and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs to M.I.A., Little Dragon and Major Lazer, Holiday Mountain skillfully mixes unconventional melodies with danceable grooves and beats that are only enhanced by Patino’s wild yet ethereal vocals.

What has been your biggest accomplishment this year so far?
We just got back from playing the Roxy in Hollywood with Ben Kweller. That was pretty surreal!

What are some of your goals for CMJ week?
Find inspiration, pass on inspiration, stay hydrated, and meet some amazing people.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of 2014?
We’re about to be living in New York for a month a half to perform at CMJ which we are really excited to experience for the first time, and then we’ll be playing a month long residency at Pianos-every Wednesday in November at 10pm. We’ll be releasing a couple more singles and a music video in the next couple months before our new full length album ‘You Be You’ comes out in the new year! Stay tuned ya’ll!

CMJ Schedule:
Weds., Oct. 22nd – 1:15am – Big Picture Media 6th Annual Showcase – The Living Room Williamsburg
Thurs., Oct. 23rd – 9:00pm – The Texas Takeover Party CMJ Showcase-  The Delancey (Basement Stage)

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