Artist of the Week: Vinyl Theatre

A piece of paper may seem flimsy, but once it’s folded into something it becomes stronger, its weakness suddenly transformed. That’s true for people, too: Once you recognize your weaknesses you can shift them to become your strengths. You can become like that piece of once-flimsy paper, now folded into origami. That’s the premise behind Vinyl Theatre’s dynamic second album, which takes the title Origami to represent the idea that you have the power to reform your personal limitations.

You’re walking into a first date with our readers. How do you introduce yourself?
For the sake of all of us, by the end of this day, I hope I’m not still dating all of your readers.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your sound? What song should they listen to first?
Our songs are typically heavy in emotions and they tend to usually bring a lot of energy and be upbeat. I would say “New Machines” and “30 Seconds” would definitely be songs I would recommend to someone new looking to check us out.

What prompted you to release four songs at once, when announcing the record? Which song from that bunch do you feel fans drifted to the most?
We released the four songs at once because we wanted to give our fans more than just a single and then a three month wait for the rest of the album.  We really wanted to get these songs out there and have our fans hear them.  The feedback on all four of the new tracks was amazing to for us to hear.  We got a lot of really nice comments about the songs from our fans and that really means a lot to us.  I think “30 Seconds” and “New Machines” off the first four songs are the two main ones fans drifted towards, but it really is hard to tell until we hit the road and play them live.

Now that the record has been out for a few weeks, how are you feeling about the reception?
It seems like the album is being received really well so far.  Going off of the feedback that we have been getting and the Spotify plays it all looks good.  Definitely excited to play this album for everyone live.

How long was this record a work in progress? Where did you draw inspiration from?
We started writing for this album immediately after we got out of the studio with Electrogram.  On the road we spent a lot of time writing when we could in hotel rooms and even in the van.  When we got home from the Against the Current tour we really started going after it and writing together five days a week.  It was a crazy process where we wrote so many songs and tried so many different styles. Honestly, we drew inspiration from so many different artists and also from each other.  We spent so much time on this record grinding out songs and pushing ourselves as far as we could.  We are always listening to classic rock bands as well as all of the new alternative acts to draw inspiration.

Where can fans catch you this summer? Tours, festivals, etc.
We are now working on the live show and we are looking forward to making our live shows as good as an experience for fans that we can possibly make. Fans can catch us this summer at Summerfest in Milwaukee.  Also, we will be spending the fall supporting Misterwives and Smallpools on tour.  That tour kicks off September 19th and it’s really an awesome tour to be part of.

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