Artist of the Week: Nikki Y

In her relatively young career, Nikki Y has worked with a stunning assortment of music legends—Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder. Nikki Y (née Yanofsky) has released two studio albums, 2014’s Little Secret (executive-produced by Quincy Jones) and four years earlier, her self-titled album (produced by the legendary Phil Ramone) which went platinum in Canada. But with her newest release, the Solid Gold EP, Nikki is finally getting personal. The album chronicles Nikki’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, broaching the topic of love through a spectrum of themes and sounds, her emotions as in-the-moment as possible.

You’re walking into a blind date with our readers – how do you introduce yourself?
Hey, I’m Nikki! I sing jazz, blues and soul…and I am also a crazy dog lady.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your sound? What song should they listen to first?
My sound has a real feel-good throwback vibe to it. Classic but fresh. I think that “Something New” is a good one to start with, especially ‘cuz that music video is a lot of fun.

Tell us about Solid Gold. How long was this EP a work in progress and what has the reception been like?
The actual writing was very effortless. It was almost a stream of consciousness. But I think it took a some work for me to get a place where I felt comfortable being vulnerable enough to write that way to begin with. The reception has been really positive and sweet. I’m so happy!!

What about the story behind “Me, Myself and I”?
I had a hard time in high school, I never fully felt like I fit in. Me, Myself and I is about the emotional scar that left on me, how it continued to affect me and how I finally got over it.

You’ve performed with so many legends. What have been some of your favorite moments of your career?
Ah, this is a hard question. I think each experience, no matter how big or small, is a learning experience. I try and take something from everything I get to do. That being said, some highlights have been singing at the Olympics, singing with Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, and working with Quincy Jones. Also music introduced me to someone who became a mentor and best friend, Rod Temperton. That was one of the biggest gifts music could have given me.

What else is on your agenda for 2017?
I’m writing like crazy!! More music on the way!

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