Artist of the Week: Mags Duval

Mags Duval is a study in the magic only contradictions can make. She’s a could-be poet laureate who writes club bangers. She lives distinctly in the moment but is also a welcome throwback to vintage Hollywood glamour, a mix of beguiling sweetness, risky edge, and class. She’s private but candid, pulling from her own life to help others understand theirs.

You’re walking into a blind date with our readers – how do you introduce yourself?
Hi guys! I’m Maggie- my closest friends and family call me Mags, so I want to start out on that level with you. I process everything that happens in my life through songwriting and I hope you can find pieces of your own stories in my songs!

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your sound? What song should they listen to first?
I love old jazz music, 1970’s pop music and 90’s hip/hop. I think my sound is a little bit of a blend of all of those things! As for what song you should listen to first- I’d say “Cinnamon Gum”! It’s dark, romantic, sad and nostalgic…I think it’s a good taste of what is to come from me musically!

“Cinnamon Gum” is a JAM. Tell us how the song came together.
Awe thank you so much! I went on a date with this guy a few summers ago. He was your typical bad boy…he had a motorcycle, smoked cigarettes, he was very dark and brooding. He kissed me that night and it tasted like cinnamon gum.

What was it like working with Luke Laird and John Hill? What did they pull out of you that other producers hadn’t yet?
It was an honor working with Luke and John! They are so incredibly talented. Some of the songs I brought to them were ones I had written alone in my bedroom on guitar and they were able to turn those songs into something more than I ever could’ve dreamed of myself.

Who are some artists that are currently inspiring you or influencing your writing?
Lately I’ve been loving Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar’s new album. I’m definitely on a bit of a hip-hop/ R&B kick right now!

What else is on your agenda for 2017?
I’ll be releasing more music, writing more music and working on my live show! I’m so excited for what this year will bring and pumped to make new relationships with people through my songs!

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