Artist of the Week: Emilia Ali

Artist of the Week: Emilia Ali

Boston’s Emilia Ali made waves this past fall with her breathtaking vocal performance on Valntn’s international hit record, “Can’t Let Go”. To date, the song has garnered more than 6 million streams globally. This spring, Emilia released her debut record Dreamland this past spring, said to be a “healthy blend of smooth vocals and vibes”, the record is sure to become a staple in today’s pop/electronic/R&B scene.

You’re walking into a first date with our readers. How do you introduce yourself?
Hi my name’s Emilia and I think you’re cute.

For those not familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound? What song should someone listen to first?
My sound is ‘produced’ but intimate pop. I’m ridiculously drawn to the contrast created when combining raw vocals with rhythmic/electronic music. My mother is a folk singer-songwriter and my dad is a funk/rock drummer, so their influence lead me to love slow emotional music just as much upbeat funk. Track No. 1, “Dreamland” should be the first listen 

What was the collaboration process like with Valntn?
Val reached out last summer asking if I’d be interested in singing on a track called “Can’t Let Go”, which I fell in love with immediately. Val also produced Track 2 on my Dreamland EP, “u dont like me when i’m high.” Working with him is always so much fun. I tend to have trouble finishing songs by myself, but when Val and I sit down together we always finish the session with something to bop to.

Tell us about Dreamland. How long was the record a work in progress?
The Dreamland EP fell into place over the past couple months. It’s a mish-mash of sensual pop and electronic vibes. This EP is so special to me because of the amazing people I got to work with from my community here at Berklee. Writing, recording, and working with all these people was a humbling and precious experience.

Is there any song you’re particularly proud of on it?
“Into the Light” is definitely my baby on the record. I co-wrote it while keeping my little sister in heart. She’s just finishing her first year of high school and has had to deal with some pretty heavy stuff. The song is a reminder to her that I’m always here to go through it with her.

Where can fans catch you this summer?
Catch me on Instagram, Facebook and Any performances I have will pop up on my socials as the summer goes on.

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