Artist of the Week: Blaire Hanks

Nashville has always been a diverse city full of diverse people and Blaire Hanks is no exception. Coming from a small town called Macclenny FL, country has always been his culture, but pop has always been his passion.

Blaire moved to Nashville 6 years ago chasing a career in songwriting but after having a few successful cuts, he decided that performing could be another option for him. In July of 2015, he released an EP entitled “Her” which charted at #4 on the iTunes country charts and #44 on Billboard Country.

You’re walking into a blind date with our readers – how do you introduce yourself?
Hello everyone, I’m Blaire Hanks. I am an average everyday guy that enjoys singing and making music for a living!

For those who aren’t familiar with you, how would you describe your sound? What song should they listen to first?
Probably my newest single “Always Be Home”! It’s an honest song about where I came from and the journey I’ve taken to leave everything I know and love and chase my dreams.

Tell us about your debut single. How’d you decide on “Askin’ Bout You” to be your introduction?
It’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever put out and it’s a truthful song and I felt like fans would appreciate my honesty when listening to it.

What can listeners expect for your debut album? Any collaborations?
I can’t say if we have any collaborations yet but listeners can definitely expect honesty. I’m not holding anything back with this new music.

The single is very honest. What’s your songwriting process like?
It depends. Sometimes I think of a melody first then can put some words down but other times I’ll just write a ton of content about what I’m feeling at the moment in my notes and then piece it all together later.

What else is on your agenda for 2017?
Just staying on the grind and touring as much as I possibly can. My favorite part about what I do is when I’m on stage so nothing gets me more excited than when I know I have shows coming up!

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