Whatever – Hot Chelle Rae

Hot Chelle Rae, winners of the Best New Artist Award on the American Music Awards, are currently celebrating the release of their sophomore album, Whatever. Don’t be fooled by the false advertising—this record is a collection of anything but “whatever” kind of music. And while these 11 tracks are set to dominate ears of fans everywhere, it is safe to say theseNashville natives are staying true to their infamous core of catchy pop rock tunes.

The record begins with two major feel-good already released singles, starting with “I Like It Like That”, a definite party hit. Like HCR says, “Windows down, chilling with the radio on…”, this track featuring New Boyz, is more than enough to get your fists pumping. If it doesn’t get your body swaying, frankly, I don’t think any other song will. Following this hit is “Tonight, Tonight”, the band’s notorious pop-rock summer anthem.

In contrast to these two infectious hits, Hot Chelle Rae succeeded in creating a sound completely fresh, yet enjoyable for past and present listeners. “Why Don’t You Love Me”, a softer, slower change of melody for these rockers, speaks of the universal tale of a non-existent love, craving to exist. Some artists often struggle while mixing up their sound, but HCR is proof that it can be done, and done right.

At the same time, they still manage to produce happy, upbeat songs such as “Radio” to get your blood pumping. Like the song says, it’s just a “little something just to make you dance”. “Radio” is filled with the essential ingredients of a catchy, unforgettable tune: woah-oh’s and woo-ooh’s. And in case you didn’t already notice, these lyrics are evidently comical—“I stayed up ‘til 5 last night, just to say, “I miss you”. Thank God for free Wi-Fi and the key to the mini bar. We fell asleep on Skype, almost missed my flight…”

These guys know what it takes to manufacture a piece of music that is relatable, humorous, and contains the potential to grow exponentially popular. If you don’t already know, Hot Chelle Rae is a name that will soon invade your airwaves. Don’t be surprised when you hear them taking over your local radio station. Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with this band before your friends do. Purchase the album, listen to its entirety, and be sure to thank us later.

Rating: 8/10

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