Track-By-Track: High & Low Places – Car Party

Car Party released their newest EP, High & Low Places, on August 3rd. The album, which was produced by Ace Enders of The Early November, has received praise from all over! The band gave us a special, inside look at every song on the record – check it out!

Please Me is about being involved in a relationship with someone who really cares about you, but you can’t give the same feeling back. You feel awful about it, but you don’t want to hurt them by ending it.

Forever Family is about losing someone very dear to you. I wrote it about the man who was like a father to me growing up. It came to me subconsciously, but I think it was what needed to happen for me to really come to the reality that he was gone.

Dear Son is written from the perspective of a mother, talking to her son and facing the fact that he’s become a bad person. That he’s hurt many people. And she wants to help him change because she loves him, but his habits are sucking her down with him.

Anniversary is a song about a failed relationship. I started writing this song about 2 years before we released it. I was having a very hard time getting over this girl, and even though the feelings were the strongest I’ve ever had, it was very difficult for me to put into words. But anyone who has experienced heartbreak can relate to it, I think.

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