Tour Diary: Colony House

And so it begins.

For the next two months our home will look quite different than usual.

Our house is a maroon, eight passenger van, our beds are friend’s couches and hotel mattresses, our closets are torn up, over packed suitcases, our fridge looks a little bit like a Taco Bell drive thru, and our office will be small rooms all across America that we get to play our music in. I suppose another and much simpler way of saying all of that is… we are going on tour.

Tour Diary: Colony HouseIt is always an interesting combination of emotions that come with leaving for tour. There is an excitement for the unknown and also a fear of what that might bring. There is hope for what could be accomplished and yet there is dread for what might be left undone. Above all there is an understanding that after two months you will have changed… and that can be a daunting thought. We set many goals for ourselves at the beginning of a tour. Goals like: Don’t get fat. Get some sleep. Play some rad shows for a lot of rad people. Don’t get your gear stolen. See the grand canyon. Eat at in-n-out (but don’t get fat). Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. And lastly, knowing that change is inevitable, make sure you are changing for the better.

So here is to the road and all the times ahead. Excited to have y’all along for the ride!


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