It’s been two years since Goddess was released and made everyone fall in love with the raw, one-of-a-kind, and bold voice that is Banks. The California native has spent the last two years keeping busy by touring with The Weeknd (for the second time!), killing performances at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, and perfecting her second album, The Alter.

The 13-song album starts with “Gemini Feed” and “F*ck with Myself,” both complex and catchy tunes that show off Bank’s unique edge.  “Poltergeist” and “Lovesick” have great beats and chill vibes that are perfect for long weekend car rides.

Banks aims for a more heartfelt sound on ”Mind Games” and “To the Hilt,” showcasing her wide vocal range. “Mother Nature” is my personal favorite because it’s such a powerful song and Banks’ voice is so raw and emotional the whole way through.

The thing that sets Banks apart from other artists is her unique and distinctive sound. Every song on the album is different and can’t be compared to any one artist or listed under any one genre of music. That aspect of Banks’ music has definitely flourished on this new album and you can tell that she’s got a really good grip on the kind of artist she wants to be.

As far as sophomore albums go, I think Banks has it down. The entire album has a great variety of sounds from “Haunt” and “Judas” to “27 Hours” and “Weaker Girl.” Her creativity and vocal talent has clearly evolved since her debut album, and I only see greater things happening in the future for her. Now we just wait for the tour announcement!

(by Bianca Benker)

Written by Catherine Powell

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