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Despite being completely immersed in our DIY punk scene for years, each of us have always yearned to branch out and explore a less pigeonholed genre. Through the desire to infuse pop sensibilities into our sound and mutual odd obsession of Phil Collins we came together and began writing. However, this time the songs were pieced together in our bedrooms, cars, and basements on a laptop rather than thrashing around in a garage as we would do in the past. This opened the door to endless possibilities and routes we could take the project, in which ignited a drive within us to create things we could have never imagined.     

The concept of the song stemmed from the quote “The moths will eat away at the things we cannot forget” in which a friend of mine stated when consoling me on moving on from a failed relationship. From there, the song grew into an anthem of the classic struggle of balancing a desire to not be lonely with a desire of having the freedom to explore yourself. A feeling/conflict that is extremely prevalent when moving on from a past love.

Written by Catherine Powell

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