On Your Screen: Katie Gill

On Your Screen Katie Gill

Throughout Baby Daddy‘s final season, Ben Wheeler (Jen-Luc Bilodeau) has been on the hunt for a mysterious girl named Elle. Now, with the series finale just hours away, everyone wants to know: Will Ben get his happy ending? We caught up with Katie Gill, the actress behind Elle, for more details.

Ben has spent the season looking for Elle but we as viewers don’t know much about her. What can you tell us about her?
Elle is a very sweet, down to earth young lady. She is a dreamer and a romantic who loves to embrace life and find the “fate” moments. She can be unsure of herself at times but is a strong person and when she knows what she wants she goes for it.

With the season finale now serving as the series finale, will fans find closure in Ben’s story (possibly with Elle)?
That’s left up the viewers to decide, but I think they will find closure. I’m not going to say with Elle, but with the Baby Daddy family.

This season has definitely had some How I Met Your Mother vibes, with Elle being the girl with the yellow umbrella. Did you feel that at all while filming?
It’s funny, when I got the call about being booked for the role of Elle, they described her story arc as being in the vain of How I Met Your Mother. I worked on one episode of How I Met Your Mother but I had only seen a few episodes of it. So I looked up their series finale and I do feel like it is very similar to the serendipity of Ben and Elle.

Were you a fan of the show going into this role?
I had watched the show a little bit, I had auditioned for the show a few times when I was a blonde and never booked it and then I went brunette and the next time I auditioned for Baby Daddy I booked it! Once I booked the role, I binge watched all the episodes starting from season 1 up until season 5. I got so hooked on the show, I love the comedy and relationships between all the characters and all the storylines. Every time I would finish an episode I had to start watching the next one because I was so into it!

Had the show gotten picked up for another season, where would you have liked to see Elle’s story go?
I would have liked to see Ben and Elle’s relationship bloom and see where their love story takes them in life and to see Elle’s relationship with Emma and being a mom to her. Also, possibly seeing Ben and Elle get married and have a baby of their own, a little brother or sister for Emma.

Do you have any upcoming projects coming out this year?
I have a few projects I am looking at but right now I am back to auditioning, singing lessons and attending acting and dance class. I am a part of a non-profit organization called, ALLWAYZ on Stage, which gives individuals with special needs the opportunity to participate and express themselves through performing arts. We have a play that we are in rehearsals for right now that will be going up in mid August, so we are all really excited about that!

Looking forward, what are your goals post-Baby Daddy?
I am very excited because I am getting married in September of this year! My fiancé and I have been together for 9 years and we are super excited to celebrate our love with our family and friends.

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