My Wild West – Lissie

My Wild West – Lissie

Lissie’s My Wild West is a very admirable, cute, and powerful mix of pop and soulful vocals while throwing in country twang. Right from the first listen of the instrumental that begins this album, you are hooked. As it picks up the pace, you know that there is a story to be told, which sets the tone for the rattling acoustic pop sound of the rest of the album. The album is written as pop with a country spin. Because of this, it is much more than you usually get from female pop. What Lissie has created bleeds passion and catchy melodies. The wild west she speaks about is obviously Hollywood and specifically she sings about falling in love with California. However, declaring “I’m through with all that make-believing,” on “Hollywood” begins the story of a girl from the midwest who desperately needs a break from Los Angeles. She sings about new beginnings and also the sadness of feeling lonely. Lissie’s lyrical style is blunt and a tiny bit cliche, but it hits you in the right kind of way to make you care about what she is singing about.

Lissie includes heartfelt songs like “Sun Keeps Rising”, “Stay”, and “Together or Apart” which speaks fondly of experiences and memories in a beautiful way. The album really comes to life when she throws in some more country and focuses on the guitars while maintaining more of an upbeat feeling. “Daughters” is easily the standout track. When the song hits, you’re taken out of the laid back trance from the middle tracks and you are brought into a powerful world of stomping country and sparkling harmonies. It is almost as if this is finally the moment where she has built up confidence, is finally breaking out of the melancholy, and is now feeling more determined than ever. Lissie takes a shot at misogyny in this one. It is a perfect feminist anthem and the strong call for unity across the board. Its power is credited to the simplicity. This simple acoustic rock feeling easily keeps you interested and falling in love with the song.

“Shroud”, another outstanding track, includes smooth electric guitar and a sort of off-beat rhythmic pattern while she sings about losing friends and feeling lonely. Lissie beautifully channels the feeling we all have but never speak about in this slightly more melancholy and brooding track. My Wild West reveals itself as her most personal and her deepest body of work yet. This is a beautifully made crossover album that plays on simplicity and real genuine feelings. Out on February 12th, Lissie stands to gain many fans from this wonderful and smooth album, so sit back and prepare to be charmed by My Wild West.

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