Happy People – Peace

Happy People – Peace

The English indie-rock quartet Peace have lived up to the precedent set by their previous releases, and were not cursed by a sophomore album jinx with their new record Happy People. Like their first LP, In Love, and their Delicious EP, the new album has the same poppy, upbeat vibes, as well as 80’s dance vibes and 90’s alt inspirations.

The 10-track album starts off on a hopeful note with “O You”. “I just wanna change the world that we’re living in, oh you,” sings frontman Harry Koisser. The album isn’t all sunshine, however, despite its name. The title track, in fact, seems to be named a bit ironically, as Koisser questions, “All you happy people, where’d you go when the season leaves you all alone?”, and “Slowly getting older, were you even happy then?” Like “Happy People”, “Perfect Skin” maintains the same upbeat vibe as most of the other songs on the records, yet its lyrics are quite the opposite. The song tackles insecurities about looks, intelligence and overall self worth, as well as the issue of constantly comparing yourself to someone else. “Let me be as gorgeous as stylish as rich / I wanna, I wonder, I worry, I wish,” says Koisson, delivering an entrancing hook before the chorus, “I wish I had perfect skin, I wish a was tall and thin.” The song makes you want to get up and dance, until you start paying attention to the lyrics. The track “Someday” is a perfect example of the band’s 90’s influences, as it sounds like it could be an Oasis song. Although I’m not a huge fan of Oasis (sorry, everyone), this song is one of my favorites on the album. It’s slower than the rest of the tracks, with just an acoustic guitar and soft electric riffs. The final song, “World Pleasure”, brings in some 80’s dance influences, and finishes the album out on a happy note with its poppy bass lines and guitar riffs.

Peace have certainly taken the English indie scene by storm, and are finding increasing popularity internationally. I know I’ll have Happy People on repeat.

(by Riley Stenehjem)

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