There’s something unbelievably striking about headstrong girls who know how to rock out. From the likes of Paramore and Hey Monday, one can’t help but watch a female vocalist on stage and say, “Wow, she’s got guts.” Pop-punk Poughkeepsienatives, We Are the In Crowd, are yet another band that belong on this list. Their latest full-length titled Best Intentions is more than enough evidence as to why they do.

The record kicks it all off with the perfect slow introduction to get you hooked. “Rumor Mill” gets your heart racing with an unexpected acceleration nine seconds within the song. Once you approach the infectious chorus, they’ve already set a tone for the rest of the album—a tone that screams, “Get ready to fall in love with us.”

The fourth track, “Kiss Me Again”, changes the pace of the album in the best way possible. As the first verse goes, “It’s been a while since I’ve felt butterflies. Do you feel the same way too? If every single second could last that much longer, would you hold me and kiss me again?” The unique and exceptional distinction between Jordan Eckes and Taylor Jardine’s voices undeniably compliment each other here. For all of you with significant others in your lives, this is the track that will compliment you both.

And just when you think this band has done it all, they surprise you. Who isn’t a sucker for a good acoustic song? “You’ve Got It Made” is yet another wonderful contrast to the track listing. This is a personal favorite of mine. A particular lyric that hits home for me is “I see myself in envy, or do I admire how happy you are? Either way, I’d walk in your shoes but she fits them better.” The heartbreaking message conveyed is one that is relatable to most female listeners, myself included. Who doesn’t enjoy a song that sums up their feelings? I know I definitely do.

Every good story must come to an end, and We Are the In Crowd wraps up a phenomenal album with “Better Luck Next Time”. They take advantage of this darker song to show the music world what they’re made of. As a minor chord is strung and fades out into silence, Best Intentions comes to a close.

In comparison to We Are the In Crowd’s previous work, it’s not difficult to tell that this band is growing not only as artists, but lyricists as well. They’re back to seduce you with an edgier sound as opposed to what old listeners may be accustomed to. While certain musicians don’t always succeed in changing up their style, We Are the In Crowd is proof that it is possible to conquer that goal, and they accomplished it pretty damn well.

Coming from a fan’s perspective, this record will definitely not let you down. And for those of you who aren’t fans at the moment, pick up a digital or physical copy of this album once it drops on October 4th! These tracks are an eclectic collection of emotions and personal stories that are worth listening to. Give them a chance and be prepared to change your mind.

Rating: 9/10

Written by Catherine Powell

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