After multiple albums, world tours and a TV show (we don’t need to talk about that one), it’s no secret that girls like the boys of Cartel. But that wasn’t always the case, at least, not the ones they wanted to like them. Read about the time guitarist, Joseph Pepper, went on a blind date to prom in this new guest blog!

I had a crush on this girl.  Like, a big crush.  I would see her around at various shows and eventually we became friends.  One day, we were sitting outside after a show and I mentioned that I was going to two different proms that year.  She laughed and asked, “Would you want to go my prom?”  I couldn’t believe my ears.  She asked me to prom!  I didn’t know anyone at her school, but I didn’t care.  She asked me to prom!  I gave a casual, “Uh, yeah Ok.”  “Great! I’ll give you a call later and let you know all the details.”  She gave me date and the address to her house where everyone was meeting.  Things were going great… until about a week before.  I gave her a call to see what she was wearing to make sure we matched.  This is where things got weird.  The conversation basically went like this,
“Hey, what are you wearing to prom?”
“Me? Oh just (some blah blah blah) dress. Why?”
“Well, I wanted to make sure before I bought my suit so we can match.”
“Why would you match with me? Let me call my friend and see what she’s planning on wearing.”
“Your friend? Why would you ask your friend what she’s wearing?”
“So you guys can match, silly. She’s your date to my prom.”
“… Oh, right, ok, yeah, let me know…”
Shit.  That happened.  When she asked if I’d go to her prom, she meant her school’s prom… with her friend.  I guess I missed that part and assumed she meant we’d be going together.  I didn’t know what to do.  Who’s her friend?  Why doesn’t she have a date?  Should I fake the flu?  It’s too soon to back out now.  She would think the worst of me if I did.  I decided to suck it up and go anyway.  I’m sure her friend and I would have a great time together.  
And we did.  
I only had enough cash to help pay for the limo, so going out to eat was a little embarrassing.  But overall, I guess it wasn’t the worst date ever.  After the dance, we all went back to my friends house to watch a movie and relax.  At this adolescent stage in my sexual development, I thought watching a movie meant exactly that – you watch a movie.  Now I know better.  To be honest, I had no desire to …um… “watch a movie” with her.  So I went to the bathroom and sent an S.O.S. text to my Mom to pick me up ASAP.  And that was that.  Nice girl.  But not the one I wanted to make out with during Evil Dead.
Basically, I went on a blind date to prom.

Written by Catherine Powell