After seeing X-Men: Days of Future’s Past last night, I was again reminded why Jennifer Lawerence is one of Hollywood’s young leading ladies. Again, her acting is on point, heart-wrenching, and just overall great. We’ve watched her go from her breakout roles as Mystique and Katniss, to being an Oscar-winning actress in Silver Linings Playbook. She does such an excellent job of acting in all of these movies, and has such a strong way of holding herself in the media that even when she flips the camera off, we still love her. Jennifer’s approval in Hollywood came a lot from her love of herself, and her preaching for girls to love themselves as well. She makes it clear food is a priority, and we can all get with that program. I hope if she ever writes an autobiography, there is a chapter just about pizza.

Now while in the theater, eating my Chipotle burrito and watching previews, one of the big trailers was for The Fault In Our Stars starring Divergent lead, Shailene Woodley. Again, I was amazed by the ability of this actress who can play so many brave roles. Her first big-screen appearance that captured attention was in the Oscar-nominated George Clooney movie The Descendants. This role also had her nominated for a Golden Globe, and won her the MTV Movie Award for “Best Breakout Role.”  Shailene’s biggest career boo-boo was probably the refusal of ABC family to end The Secret Life of the American Teenager, but it wasn’t really a bad show – it just went on too long. Her role in TFIOS is definitely going to bring us all to tears. Also, the fact that she’s completely okay with having a career making espresso’s doesn’t hurt.

All in all though, the best part about these two ladies is that although they’ve never met, they seem to get along fine, and have no problem sharing the spotlight. Are they introducing a new era of celebrity? Let’s hope so seeing as Hollywood so badly wants them to be arguing. In fact, let’s all remember that encouraged Shailene to star in Divergent. Remember girls, there’s plenty of spotlight for everyone. Let’s love these two for being awesome.

Be sure to go see Jennifer in X-Men: Days of Futures Past and Shailene in The Fault In Our Stars out June 6th!

Written by shelby

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