Pop country duo Love and Theft (Eric Gunderson and Stephen Barker Liles) are at it again. Their new album, Whiskey On My Breath, his shelves this week and is a typical country album about partying, getting drunk and kissing women.

Party songs like “Can’t Wait for the Weekend” and “Let’s Get Drunk and Make Friends” are about having a carefree night out on the town, any night of the week, shooting back shots of whiskey, tequila and Jäger. “We know Jack, we know Jim, we can introduce you to them,” they say in “Let’s Get Drunk and Make Friends.”

Half of their album consists of songs about relationships; some sweet and loving, and others that make women out to be sexual objects – exactly what Maddie & Tae hoped would stop with their hit “Girl In a Country Song”. My personal favorites are “Easy” and “Anytime, Anywhere.” “It’s like sleeping in on Sunday, it’s like second grade math, riding a bike, turning on a light, it’s easy like that,” they say in “Easy.” “Easy” is filled with cute little similes describing how easy it is to love. In “Anytime, Anywhere” the guys “don’t even need a reason” to kiss the person they’re in love with.

“Tan Lines” proves to be one of the album’s weaker tracks. The song takes the listener to the beach where the guys are trying to “find some pretty girls with tan lines, tan lines, sun kissed by the sunshine, sunshine.” But the title track, “Whiskey on my Breath”, redeems the duo. “I woke up, with a pounding head, with a bottle laying in the bed. There was a little, a little bit left, so I picked it up and killed the rest,” they sing. The song is about a man’s struggle with drinking too much, even when he knows it’s a problem. He’s trying to change his habits because, as he says, “what scares me to death is meeting Jesus with whiskey on my breath.”

The song that saves the album for me is “Everybody Drives Drunk.” This isn’t just another song about partying and drinking, the line “everybody drives drunk” is a metaphor for the fact that everyone goes through life with baggage and having done things that weren’t right. Situations like lying to friends, saying I love you when it wasn’t for real and cheating on a loved one were all examples given in the song. “Everybody’s been in that place, when you keep fighting and fighting and can’t find your way,” they sing with pure emotion. “Everybody Drives Drunk” is clearly the winning song off this album.

(by Merissa Blitz)

Written by Catherine Powell

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