Parachute meets The Damnwells would probably the best way to describe country duo, Dan+Shay’s new record, Where It All Began. Set to release on April 1st this year, fans can expect catchy alt-rock/country melodies and heartwarming lyrics from these Tennessee natives.

Pleasantly captivating opening track, “Show You Off” sounds like a song off of a Coca-Cola commercial with its whistle melodies and subtle banjos. This track sets up the audience for the summer-y nature of the rest of the record. “Stop Drop + Roll” contains my favorite chorus yet. The guitar solos during the breakdown don’t hurt, either. Current single “19 You + Me” has been reported to sell a little over 425,000 tracks to date; an impressive number that predicts the impending success of these up and coming musicians. A little less upbeat than the first two tracks, this track provides the perfect contrast, as does the next track, “What You Do To Me.”

Evocative of 2002 John Mayer’s “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” the fifth track entitled, “Can’t Say No” is one of my favorites from this record. This track reveals the rawer, more acoustic side of Where It All Began and it does so satisfyingly. The words to “First Time Feeling” take you on a trip to memory lane and remind you of your high school sweetheart, leaving one feeling nostalgic and sentimental. The last line is the icing to that stroll down yesteryears. I won’t spoil it for you.

“Somewhere Only We Know” is a little more on the country-pop-rock spectrum. “I Heard Goodbye” is probably the most heartbreaking track on this record. The raw melodies and the accompanying piano add a very dramatic effect to the sad lyrics, evoking more emotion that the record already has.

The rest of the record flows well from there. Unlike its title, the song “Party Girl” is actually really subdued and less pop-y. “Close Your Eyes” was a very good choice for a closer. This track sums up the lively and optimistic nature of the record through the hopeful tone of the lyrics and the subtle violin and banjo additions.

This twelve-track release seems to easily find its way into settling in your head and accompanying you during pretty much any situation. It does not require much for one to fully immerse themselves into all the good, country vibes, making the record very relatable and enjoyable. Purely enthralling, Where It All Began will certainly be a favorite this year.


Rating: 9/10


(By Dana Reandelar)

Written by Dana

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