As a genre, indie pop has been on the rise, especially within the past couple of years. One band that has made a name for itself is The Mowgli’s, and their newest album Where’d The Weekend Go? accurately portrays the essence of their sound. Claimed to be indie rock, the band leans a little further to the pop side than the former (although there is a minute shift towards the rock side on this release). The group has come together to deliver an album that stays constant with past works but demonstrates shifts from time to time.

Although many aspects of the album maintain the same sound previously exhibited by the band, there is still a slight shift towards a more alternative based sound. “So What” is an embodiment of this shift- kind of pop, kind of not. “Spiderweb” is similar in the sense that it presents an element of rock to the mostly bubbly content and seems to be a good indication of the band’s instinctive style. The same cannot necessarily be said for the majority of the rest of the album. It maintains a sort of free spirited indie pop vibe that is almost stagnant, very carefree and fun but does not necessarily show the greatest advancement. Despite the other advances, there is still a strong connection to the verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus formula. After a while this becomes a little mundane, but the addition of tracks  “Arms & Legs” and “Open Energy” keep things interesting. 

Overall, there is a clear demonstration of the indie pop aesthetic per se that The Mowgli’s are attempting to maintain in their latest release Where’d Your Weekend Go? The group is known to be talented in that sense, but the full lyrical and compositional potential has not been tapped into and the handful of progressive tracks demonstrates this. The record is one that is appreciated greatly by fans and newbies alike. However, it will be interesting to see if the group decides to stay consistent with the formulaic style or opt for more of a natural and loose sound.

(by Mumal Tunio)

Written by Catherine Powell

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