1157521_10151597011465878_1934933837_nStrangers Only – My Ticket Home
The self-dubbed “puke rock” Columbus, Ohio, group, Strangers Only, up the ante with a barrage of early 2000s nu-metal, with comparisons to Slipknot and Korn taking hold. With vocals that are more of an urgent salivary spray to the face than any subdued lyricism, Strangers Only are angry and they want you to know it “straight from the ass, out of your mouth.” – Mike Madden
Check Out” “Head Change”

1234744_10151601965531027_1575994409_nYours Truly – Ariana Grande
With Ariana Grande’s hit single, “The Way” featuring Mac Miller, her new album, Yours Truly, has been one of the most anticipated albums of 2013. And boy, does it exceed expectations. For only 20 years old, Ariana’s pop and R&B vocals are exceptionally soulful. The elements used throughout the album are killer as they delve between decades — “Tattooed Heart” brings us back to the doo-wop motions of the ’50s while “Baby I” and “Right There” are easily pop chart toppers of today. Don’t even get me started on her duet with British group The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes in “Almost Is Never Enough.” When two powerhouse voices collide, the results are magical, as is this album.
Check Out: “Piano”
1185372_553857444649286_1044215251_nBad Blood – Bastille
I’ve never heard a band like Bastille. The London-bred band’s new full-length, Bad Blood, is filled with harmonies and British accents, mixed with thick drum beats and computer beeps. The record has as many dance numbers as it does ballads, and I dare you to not tap your foot while listening. – Catherine Powell
Check Out: “Flaws”
the1975-album-artThe 1975 – The 1975
If you haven’t been hearing about The 1975 all week, you’re not following the right people on Twitter. The British band has taken over the internet with their infectious beats and impossible-to-understand lyrics. The album is mostly upbeat and fun, but laced with depressing lyrics and mellow guitars. Their sound combines the popular use of computer generated synths and a stereotypical rockband, resulting in something completely original. – Catherine Powell
Check Out: “Meanswear”

Written by Catherine Powell

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