971954_10151659131873763_1789997371_nLouder – R5
Pop rock quintet, R5, are getting much louder than their debut EP, Loud. That pun is indeed intentional, as their debut album is titled Louder — and you’ll hear why. With their single, “Pass Me By,” starting off the record, you can tell R5 has definitely stepped up their musical and lyrical game from the EP. The catchy pop hooks continue with “Ain’t No Way We’re Goin’ Home” and “If I Can’t Be With You.” Raise your hands, get on your feet and get ready to sing along to the “Whoa-oh’s” all throughout this record. – Stacy Magallon
Check Out: “Ain’t NO Way We’re Goin’ Home”

995469_10151767850406107_317845334_nMechanical Bull
– Kings of Leon
The boys of Kings of Leon take the bull by the horns on their latest LP Mechanical Bull, taking cues from their early days of passionate, revival rock and roll. With reverb turned down and the arena sound taking a backseat, the Followills hone in on a certain dusty roadside-type of magnetism. Dont look for any ‘Sex on Fires’ or ‘Use Somebodies; the guys have grown exponentially since then, both in songwriting and composition. What they have grown into is a place of comfort and familiarity. Mechanical Bull is by no means a comeback or a resurgence, but an exploration into their past. – Mike Madden
Check Out: “Temple”

Written by Catherine Powell

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