1069928_10151701775177808_1060013275_nIn Rolling Waves – The Naked and Famous
The Naked and Famous tone it down for their new album, In Rolling Waves. The mellow, but beat-filled tracks filter into one another creating a wonderful arrangement of synths and smooth vocals. Compared to their hit single, “Young Blood,” the songs on In Rolling Waves are calm and quiet, much like ocean waves. – Catherine Powell
Check Out: “I Kill Giants”

1003734_10151733578627618_1029513685_n8:18 – The Devil Wears Prada
8:18 is that mystic castle with mysterious fog around it that you’re warned to go towards in movies. Throw in some screaming and a double-kick pedal and let the sonic ingenuity take hold. For those who haven’t heard of the Dayton, Ohio Christian metalcore group, hidden melodies can be found in minute moments of 8:18 but then turn completely loose just like a pair of hellhounds ordered by the king of the castle. – Mike Madden
Check Out: “Sailor’s Prayer”

995397_10152070619619768_1365572937_nMGMT – MGMT
MGMT have left their electric dance-party songs behind with the release of their self-titled third studio album this week.  Think Pink Floyd meets Alice in Wonderland, with psychedelic slow electro-rock focused very heavily on instrumentals and less on lyrics and melody.  I’m reminded of A Clockwork Orange in their song “I Love You too, Death” featuring creepy quiet vocals and what sound like recorders and wind chimes.  If you’re looking for the dance hits of the past, you might want to replay Oracular Spectacular but MGMT’s maturation is definitely worth a listen.  –  Tanya Traner
Check Out: “I Love You Too, Death”

581179_728630693816979_1067555846_nSpreading Rumors – Grouplove
Spreading Rumors, Grouplove’s second full length album doesn’t disappoint. With these catchy and upbeat indie songs, you’ll find yourself bobbing along and tapping your foot to the steady rhythm of each song. The album starts with “I’m With You” which is nicely done because the first three minutes of the song is all instrumental; making it in an intro for the album not just a regular song. I was taken aback by the raw sense of emotion that is conveyed by the singer in the songs. There’s just something about this album that makes it feel real. – Shina Patel
Check Out: “Shark Attack”

Written by Catherine Powell

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