1394133_10151895407443418_1344710670_nToo Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! – Panic! at the Disco
It’s all lasers and lights on Panic! at the Disco’s latest album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! The band has evolved through waves over the years, with this effort emanating a slew of Top 40, radio friendly songs. Singer and face of the band, Brendon Urie, takes his voice to new heights and turns up the electronic glam. With a dancey, semi-industrial sentiment, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! has said good-bye to those young’ins who thought lying was the most fun a girl could have without taking her clothes off. – Mike Madden
Check Out: “Girls/Girls/Boys”
1151062_10151814521842147_1877630581_nBangerz – Miley Cyrus
Easily this year’s most anticipated release, Miley Cyrus’ new record Bangerz is the ultimate dance party soundtrack. The album is an appropriate mix of catchy radio hits and heart-shattering ballads. Bangerz reinvents Miley as an artist, paving a new runway for her to twerk down on her way towards success. Though the new sound is very different from her Disney Channel days, one key element remains: Miley’s unique and powerful vocals. Rest in peace, Hannah Montana. – Catherine Powell
Check Out: “Maybe You’re Right”

1236569_10151859145333446_1299678344_nCommon Courtesy – A Day to Remember
A Day to Remember remain the poster children for the post-hardcore movement with their newest release Common Courtesy, out this week. They’ve sort of toned down the “hardcore,”  but if you’re looking for something to dance to in the pit check out “Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail,” “Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way” and “Violence (Enough is Enough).” You can always count on a great acoustic song from these guys and they don’t disappoint with “I’m Already Gone.” This album is very reminiscent of For Those Who Have Heart which will certainly bode well with nostalgic ADTR fans. – Tanya Traner
Check Out: “I’m Already Gone”

554904_485480911541390_136000164_nFrame by Frame – Cassadee Pope
Look out, Taylor Swift – there’s a new girl in Nashville. Cassadee Pope’s post-The Voice debut, Frame By Frame, contains everything a country record should: twangy guitars, dance-initiating beats and multiple references to cars and alcohol. Cassadee shows off her impressive pipes in the fun “This Car,” and slows it down for the extremely personal “11.” She may have traded in her Nikes for cowboy boots, but one thing’s for sure: girl can still sing. – Catherine Powell
Check Out” “I Wish I Could Break Your Heart”

999584_10151813918241049_1687232383_nMonsters In The Closet – Mayday Parade
Mayday Parade’s fourth full-length, Monsters In the Closet, is my personal favorite album of theirs. The pop-punk group, who have been rocking strong for nearly seven years, are taking on a fresher, upbeat pop sound with their distinct Mayday Parade essence. If you’re not nodding your head to this record, you’re doing something wrong. – Stacy Magallon
Check Out: “Girls”
es_cover_02_dtc_3Talking Dreams – Echosmith
The Sierota siblings (Graham, Sydney, Noah and Jamie) of Echosmith are doing indie-pop right. Their debut album,Talking Dreams, combines their California flavor while incorporating alternative English rock. Lyrically strange, but musically phenomenal — “Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me? I think you and the moon in Neptune got it right, cause now I’m shining bright.” Their vocals compliment each other just like family in “The Safest Place” and “Cool Kids.” So like their single says, come together, and rock out with these siblings. Their vibes make you feel at home. – Stacy Magallon
Check Out: “Bright”

Written by Catherine Powell

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