Each week the NKD staff will round up new music releases for you to check out, in case you missed them (the weeks are busy, and there’s a lot of music to check out. We totally get it). This week’s Album Roundup includes new records from Cody Simpson, Sara Bareilles, Kodaline, Becky G and the Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack. The NKD staff highlighted a few of their favorite moments in each album:


Teen Beach Movie (Soundtrack) — Various Artists

Up next on the Disney Channel Original Movie wave is Teen Beach Movie, a surf-rock and pop soundtrack to the upcoming film of the same name. Vocalists like Disney Channel’s Ross Lynch and ABC Family’s Maia Mitchell are perfect for the job, making their musical debut with duet, “Can’t Stop Singing.” The story’s summer plot line guides the audience with the accompanying music, including “Surf’s Up” which features group vocals from the whole cast, as well as the track, “Meant to Be.” The soundtrack even delves into the romantic aspects of the film with Grace Phipps’ “Falling for Ya”. The album provides the right amount of surf, summer and fun for this film.  – Stacy Magallon
Check out: “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin'”


Surfer’s Paradise — Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson’s new record Surfer’s Paradise is a beach album, that’s for certain. The album features carefree acoustic guitar riffs, sun-soaked melodies and lively drum beats, making it hard not to picture palm trees and the ocean. With singles like “Pretty Brown Eyes” and “Summertime of Our Lives” already on my summer playlist, it was nearly impossible to not get sucked into the entire eight-track record. Cody teams up with rapper Asher Roth for the catchy, sing-a-long “Imma Be Cool,” whereas “If You Left Him For Me” shows the musical influence tourmate Justin Bieber has had on Cody. The album’s last track “Love” features an impressive collaboration with Ziggy Marley, who brings his own reggae feel to the song. Overall, Surfer’s Paradise keeps a positive and uplifting spirit throughout its duration and I can’t wait to blast it by the pool this afternoon.  – Catherine Powell
Check out: “If You Left Him For Me”


The Blessed Unrest — Sara Bareilles

Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles pours passion and honesty into each of the 12 tracks on her fourth studio album, The Blessed Unrest. The album features both ballads with soulful vocals and reflective lyrics, as well as songs like her single “Brave” and “Little Black Dress” which are light and upbeat, in the vein of her 2007 hit single “Love Song.” The Blessed Unrest is driven by sweet piano melodies, steady drum beats and Bareilles’ signature clear, commanding vocals, which she uses to express what the album title suggests: a period of unrest or uncertainty. This is made apparent by the gravity of the lyrics and the weight of her voice on songs like “Manhattan” and “Chasing the Sun,” which seem to focus on her recent move to New York and past love affairs. The Blessed Unrest is a must-listen for those craving Bareilles’ rich vocals and thoughtful words.  – Nicola Pring
Check out: “1000 Times”


Love Like This — Kodaline

Irish alt-rock quartet Kodaline channel Coldplay in their folky, strum-and-thump EP release, but frontman Steve Garrigan fights for Kodaline’s own musical voice on the climactic track “What It Is,” chanting: “Nobody’s gonna tell you how to live”.  – Ariella Mastroianni
Check out: “What It Is”


Play It Again — Becky G

Becky G has been on my radar since she lent her vocals to tracks on Cher Lloyd’s and Cody Simpson’s debut records, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting her own release ever since. Her unique singing and rapping style is showcased throughout the EP, and her collaboration with Pitbull (“Can’t Get Enough”) is filled with fun beats and echoing choruses. “Built For This” is made for a club atmosphere and I can totally picture drinks being spilled while dancing to this song, whereas “Zoomin’ Zoomin'” sounds straight out of the London pop scene. Play It Again is edgy considering Becky is only 16, but just as fun as anything you’d hear on a Nickelodeon soundtrack.  – Catherine Powell
Check out: Can’t Get Enough (feat. Pitbull) 


Written by Catherine Powell

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