Self-Titled – The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars live up to their name on their second, and possibly final, self-titled album where fans can hear a proverbial line drawn in the sand between members Joy Williams and John Paul White. It’s undeniable that this second album has taken a darker, drifting tone due to the interpersonal problems of Williams and White along with their refusal to speak to each other. However, the pair still bring their brand of traditional southern folk story-telling along with a semi-pop background. If they should ever work together again, remember the words of Mr. Lincoln: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Mike
Check Out: “Devil’s Backbone”971129_10151565412948740_1151144620_n
Golden Record – The Dangerous Summer
Music wise, Golden Record is the heaviest album The Dangerous Summer has released. But lyrically, it’s the happiest. Traces of love and hope filter through thick guitars and steady drum beats. Though the band has always kept their music personal, Golden Record takes it to another level – specifically with the first single “Catholic Girls.” As the Dangerous Summer men have grown up, so has their music. – Catherine
Check Out: “Into The Comfort”

Written by Catherine Powell

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