The After Party released their new EP “Kansas” a few weeks ago! Check out what each of the songs on it mean in our exclusive track-by-track with the band!

Waste The Day
“Waste The Day,” the debut single off of ‘Kansas,’ is a song is about those times when all you want to do is cancel your plans, forget your responsibilities and spend the whole day with that special someone. Everyone loves an upbeat, feel good, summer song they can jam to with their friends!

A Better Me
After one listen to the chorus, it’s kind of hard to miss what this song is about! Almost everyone has been in some sort of relationship, whether its with a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a friendship, in which they’ve been put down and told they need to change to be “accepted.” This song is all about self empowerment and being proud of who you are, with a little added emphasis on top!

She’s Gotta Boyfriend
No pop album is complete without at least one electro-dance anthem, and ‘Kansas’ is no exception. “She’s Gotta Boyfriend” has got all the synth-hooks of a top 40 hit, while still harnessing that southern-pop style we have incorporated into every song on this album. This song also gives a little insight into our struggles with chasing the ladies!

Still Got Love
Taking a more serious note, “Still Got Love” digs a little bit deeper than the other songs on ‘Kansas.’ The world can be a cold and unforgiving place, but even we are at our lowest of lows and have nothing else left, we’ve still got love. This song is all about uplifting sorry spirits and spreading hope for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here Comes The Rain
“Here Comes The Rain” is the most personal song on the album by far, and probably the most personal song we’ve ever written. It’s the story of the divorce of Andy and I’s parents, as well as our family’s struggle to find normalcy in our lives again after such a drastic change. This song really hits home with a lot of teens who’ve had to face the same struggle, and we really hope that sharing our story will help them realize that they are not alone.

Unforgettable Nights
Finishing off the album strong, “Unforgettable Nights” is a reminiscence of our high school days spent in Kansas and gives the listener insight to where we come from and how that has influenced who we are as people and as song writers. With a strong southern-pop influence, this mid-tempo jam paints the perfect picture of what growing up in Kansas is all about.

Written by Catherine Powell