If you haven’t picked up Goldhouse’s new EP, All Night Long, on iTunes yet, you’re really missing out. Check out what Grant had to say about each track on the record!

I really wanted to make a splash for the first single for GOLDHOUSE. In past projects I had always tip toed around things like love and sex in songs, but with this song I wanted to take it “all the way.”

Last One You Love
When I wrote the hook with the lyrics “last one you love” I was aiming at a phrase that was very “sweet” sounding but almost in a morbid way. I feel like love and death are connected in so many ways, and this adds to that.

What if?
“What If?” is another song that I wanted to express the darker and grittier side to the project. Melodically it’s different than a lot of my other stuff but still retains the same characterthat all the songs have.

Take Off Your Halo
This song is about a good girl that does all the right things, says all the right things, but you know has another side of her that you’re waiting to come out… It’s just a matter of when. This is one of my favorites on the EP.

“Dreamin” has a bittersweet, almost nostalgic, feel to it. It’s about a girl that you only see once but never talk to, and she keeps coming to you in your dreams. “If you’re what I’m dreaming of never wake me up, don’t fade away” in the chorus explains how you’d rather be dreamin and with her than awake and in the real world.

The Moment
Funny story, I actually wrote the music to this song while listening to Jason Derulo’s “in my head.” Obviously this song is much different, but it goes to show inspiration can come from anywhere! “The Moment” is another one of my favorites.  It’s kind of an oddball track but I wanted a real love song on the EP.

Talk To Me
This was the perfect choice to close out the EP because I feel like it bridges the gap between different songs and vibes on the record.  It’s got more groove to it but also brushes on the darker and deeper tones and topics from the EP.

Written by Catherine Powell