Rachael Yamagata announced she is going out on The Dealbreaker Heart Tour, in support of her newest record the Heavyweight EP. She is a critically acclaimed singer songwriter, who’s work has been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and Pretty Little Liars, among others. Check out her best tour prank!

I’m such a fan of the great prank and yet they are so tricky to pull off! To prank someone during their show is a delicate matter that must not venture into sabotage or leave the audience wondering – why is that naked guy streaking during the song? I’m still working on something really good, but this one time at band camp…
I was on tour as the support for a well known, very shy, very serious artist but as time went on we began to mess with each other… I’d have finished my set and be indulging in the after show cocktail and he’d call me up onstage in front of the audience and dare me to prove myself sober by playing an unannounced song – hand me his guitar and sit down in the front row and put me on the spot. I was not sober when he did this. Alas, at the end of the run I picked up a copy of Playboy and superimposed a collection of cutouts of just my head (all different expressions from a past photoshoot) onto all these naked bodies and decorated the stage before his set. Everywhere he and the band looked, floor, amp, mic stand – had a nice little pix of my face smiling on top of some big-bossomed gal in a fully displayed state.
That and the baby powder spread out onto the drums worked well. 😉

Written by Catherine Powell