Australian rockers THEART kick off their U.S. tour in Las Vegas, N.V. with Faster Pussycat, and check in with Naked to let us know that, yes, they’re still alive, and yes, this shit is about to get crazy.

Clarion, Pennsylvania, 1:30pm. “Load in! Everyone up! Get up! Get the fuck out of bed! Everyone UP!”

This morning has a real boot camp vibe. Two hours earlier than our usual load in and as cold as a wardens night stick. Last night’s show at Dingbatz in Jersey turned into a full throttle blinder. High on the venue’s extraordinarily rocking vibe, we ditched the Manhattan plans and rocked out with the staff all night. Eddie Trunk came to the show, as did a horde of new found fans. (We now have a few believers following the tour and driving WAY too far just to catch our shows. They’re insane but I fucking love them.) After a few days off in Florida it feels amazing to be back on the nightly grind. Unshowered, hungover and hungry? Even better. All that matters is the show. We came along way to explode up there each and every night, all of the peripheral bullshit is just part of the ride.

Spirits are high up here in yeti country. The coffee ain’t working but we’ve sound checked, made some yellow snow and the shakes are sure to subside once the first drinks are poured. Oh, and they have showers here. Fuck yeh!

Written by Catherine Powell