Imaginary Cities are still going strong on the road! Check out their second tour update with Naked Mag!

Last night we played at the Brit Fest fundraiser in Jacksonville, Oregon. It was set up on a hill surrounded by lush trees and everyone there was dressed to the nines since it was a black and white gala . We didn’t get the memo so a couple of us stood out like sore thumbs. It was definitely interesting for us having to tone down our usual rock set to a more…soft set. People seemed to like it though, which was super nice. I love playing those out door stages, makes for an awesome back drop and it sure didn’t hurt that we got fed with gourmet food and wine. Days like that are more of a vacation than a job really.
It’s mostly been a week of super long drives with a couple days off. A few days ago we played Hotel Cafe in L.A. with an awesome opener called Western Hawks (check ’em out!) Our show was super early so we decided to go for drinks after and were joined by Dave Lovering (drummer for PIXIES) who is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Just a genuine, sweet guy. That’s when I ate some of the best freakin’ street meat I’ve ever had. I stuffed my face with the most delicious jerk chicken, slaw dog (drooling just thinking about it!).
Right now we’re driving to Seattle to play the Capitol Hill Block Party. I’ve been hearing awesome things about it, so can’t wait.
Almost halfway through the tour and I haven’t lost my mind yet! So far all’s been great, so here’s hopin’ for a continuation of these good days! 

Written by Catherine Powell