The first tour diary from Imaginary Cities’ summer tour! Be sure to keep checking back for more updates from the band on the road.

I’ll start things off by saying that blogging is not something I’m used to doing and neither is journaling in general. Hell, I rarely even take pictures to capture my memories. I’ll admit that it’s a nice change of pace, though, from the usual sitting in a van and staring out the window for 9 hours straight. 

Today we’ve got a day off. While most people get to go home to sit on their couch and watch re-runs of (insert guilty pleasure tv sitcom here), I spend my days off – along with the other band members – sitting in a van and driving to (insert the name of any city here). Today we’re driving to Sacramento from Portland. Before that, we were touring the western cities of Canada with our good friends Federal Lights (also from Winnipeg) and Rah Rah (Regina, Saskatchewan). 

We’ve been super busy this summer. About a month ago we had just gotten home from a 5 week tour in the U.S. opening for a band called MeWithoutYou and Buried Beds (both hailing from Philadelphia). During our short stay at home Rusty got married, went for a week long honeymoon to Disney World while the rest of us caught up with the people we’ve missed, got some partying in and camped out at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. That all explains why i’m already exhausted at the beginning of this tour. That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying myself, because I am and don’t want to come off as “tired of this game”….at least not yet. Touring is a very interesting life. It’s like entering an alternate dimension where every day is groundhog day and yet, somehow, everything’s changing all the time. That’s part of the reason why I actually love it and am slowly growing accustom to it’s quirks. Extreme highs and extreme lows make for some of the best memories. I’m sure I don’t need to get any more existential on your ass, I think you get the gist of it. I like touring, ok?!

Any waaaaay, this tour, in particular, is a very exciting one for us. In part because we’re only just getting started in the U.S., but also because we’re playing a super diverse array of venues (spanning from small venues to big festivals). I’m especially excited to be capping off the tour with a show at Chicago’s famous Lollapalooza music festival. Our next stop is in L.A. and from there we’ll be working our way back east with some stops back in Canada. So, if any of you readers are coming out to our shows, come say hi! One of our favourite things about touring is the people we meet along the way and you’d be no exception.

See you in (insert name of city you live in)!


Written by Catherine Powell