Gentlemen Hall 5Woke up at 8 AM today on a couch.  That’s nothing new.  In LA.  That’s kinda new.  The friends who live here were cooking up some bacon and getting ready to go surfing.  Sounded like an awesome idea until I sprung off the couch.  That’s when everything started spinning.  Scratch the surfing.

Gentlemen Hall 4

Touring is the best.  You get to see great places, see old friends and make new ones, check out the local scene, have a few and embarrass yourself in front of a new set of strangers and most importantly you get to play your music everywhere you go.  Being from Boston, we’re a long way from home but we’re also far from the sub-freezing climate so it’s not too hard to slip away for a few weeks.

Gentlemen Hall 3

We’ve been in LA for a few days and already it’s been a blur of interviews, rehearsal spots, radio appearances and a monster Grammy weekend party (we aren’t nominated for one nor invited to the ceremony, but who can turn down free drinks and great music?).  Sleeping on couches / futons isn’t the most conducive to being productive all day but when you’re on the road you suck it up and deal with it.  Wow, that sounded really Bro of me.

Gentlemen Hall 2

Tonight marks the first official show of our tour with fellow synth-rockers Basic Vacation.  I’ve been a fan of these guys for awhile and am excited to check out their live show for the first time.  Well, the first 12 times if you want to get technical.  We’re running up the West Coast and back down through the West (uh… the General West area?) for about three weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.  I can never remember dates so I check our website every morning for them and get excited all over again.  Like a puppy.  Or maybe a goldfish.

Gentlemen Hall 1

OK, I need to go eat something other than bacon.

Written by Catherine Powell

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