Journal Entry: 8:30am; June 4th, 2014
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Time kind of slowly approaches you, like it knows you are unaware…then greets you gently and lets you take in the moment. That’s what happened to me, happened to us on Saturday night.

Our late show at Mercury Lounge  was something more than just our CD release. It was more than our biggest, best show we’d ever play. It was exactly at Midnight, the 2 year anniversary of Ben and I moving to Brooklyn for the first time, with an 8-track and a vision. I was throwing on my sweat infused red flannel for the last time on this 3 day excursion, and I felt something special in the air.  I felt like this night held a lot more than just face value. As I stood up, after waiting for Ben while he did his ritual “potty run before a show” to walk out with him to the stage, he came out, arms open and gave me a very uncharacteristic hug. This time it wasn’t just the one arm shoulder touch. It was an embrace. “Midnight marks 2 years since Brooklyn. Love you dude, let’s tear this place up.”

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And tore it up we did.

Going from our Westbury Music Fair show 2 nights prior, where I saw my first concerts ever as a child, and playing on a stage that held more musical importance to me than was even measurable, to doing this; basically selling out Mercury Lounge after the long, hard, wonderful, pain-staking two years we all put into this band…it was a stunning experience.

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The response from the crowd was awe-inspiring, and the response as a band to the mounting excitement was a milestone we will look back on one day.

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Yesterday we did a whole hell of a lot of acoustic video sessions for press, and the promotion of our new EP “As You Were” coming out June 10th. This has been pretty awesome in itself because we’ve never been able to just unplug and play our stuff this way. It’s more intimate, but more challenging in itself to portray the same emotion…maybe we could practice this way at home so we don’t get another cease and desist orders.

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We also got free pairs of Chuck Taylor’s from the Converse Brooklyn headquarters…ridin’ in style now. Unbelievable how nice it is to be home, see family, be with the people I love, and get free shoes. I wanna, we wanna pay them back by playing Rubber Tracks. That’s their famous stage at the converse facility…that would be amazing. Thank you again guys.

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The days that have come and gone these past 2 years make for memories I will never forget. Here’s to the next two years, hell the next 2 months being just as exciting.

I’m headed back into NYC now to meet the boys at Penn Station to drive back to Nashville. Our show this Friday at The Scermerhorn downtown is gonna be f***king wild.

Now if my damn train would start moving…

– Dan

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Written by Catherine Powell

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