Glee just had it’s 100th episode this past Tuesday, and we all know that there was a six foot tall elephant in the room named Finn Hudson. We knew Finn as the star quarterback, beloved friend, and super sweet to die for boyfriend to Quinn and Rachel. Though this was Cory Monteith’s first big break into singing, it made him the most sought after and perhaps cherished character of the series.

In honor of Glee’s 100th episode, here’s Finn’s top 15 performances.


15. “You’re the One that I Want”: Last, but not least ranks the hit from the fifties themed musical, Grease. This song ranks on the list because it is almost the anthem of Finn and Rachel, it being the first duet they sing together and all, and on top of that, it being the first song Finn sings with New Directions.


14. “We’ve Got Tonight”: The last, and most beautiful, Finchel duet that would happen on the show, this song has to be there on principle.


13. “I Want It That Way”/ “Bye, Bye, Bye”: Oh look! Finally a song from Finn’s childhood! He’s finally accepting the fact that he was born in the nineties! Look at him go! Who didn’t love the fistfight between Finn and Will once Will realized Emma had kissed someone else… and on top of that, it was his old student…and the best man at their wedding.


12. “We are the Champions”: On the list because Queen is one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and because at the end of season 3, this song perfectly explains the victory of New Directions.


11. “Stop! In the Name of Love”/ “Livin’ on a Prayer”: One of the things Glee is best known for is its mash-ups so it would be a sin against nature to not list one in the top 15. This mash-up specifically makes it onto the list because of Finn’s adorable nature in trying to make Coach Beiste feel like a woman and feel beautiful.


10. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”: One of the greatest episodes of Glee was the tribute episode to the late and great Michael Jackson and one of the greatest moments was when Finn proposed to Rachel through song, more specifically with one of Jackson’s most beautiful love songs. This makes it onto the list of Finn’s best performances because it shows his true love for Rachel!

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9. “I’ll Stand By You”: Remember that one time Quinn and Finn dated? Remember that one time Quinn was impregnated by Finn’s best friend Puck? Remember that one time Quinn convinced Finn that it was his baby and he sang to a sonogram? Well that’s the reason this song makes the top 15, not only because Finn’s voice sounds angelic while singing it or because the fact that he’s singing to “his” unborn child, but because he was singing to a sonogram and that is something unforgettable.


8. “Losing My Religion”: Who can forget the heart-wrenching episode of Glee when Kurt Hummel’s dad had a heart attack and was put in the hospital? Die-hard fans of the show certainly can’t. While everyone else deals with the situation in their own musical way, Finn does it in his own special way, thinking about his late father and singing an R.E.M classic.


7. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”: This song is on the list simply because it is an absolute adorable duet between Finchel (the “shipping” name of Finn and Rachel) once they work out their drama and are officially a couple at the beginning of season two.


6. “Jessie’s Girl”: If you’ve ever watched the television show, you would know that it centers around the oh-so dramatic love story of quarterback Finn Hudson and known loser Rachel Berry. Bringing the Rick Springfield classic to life, Finn lets the audience know just how jealous he is of Rachel’s new boyfriend Jesse… how charming.


5. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”:  More classic rock on this list, big shocker there! Seeing as this is the song that won New Directions the title of National champions! Due to the fact that this song helped the glee club accomplish what they had been striving for since the inception of their club, this needs to be on the list. And a Meatloaf classic had never been covered better!


4. “Hello, I Love You”: After a few month long hiatus in season one, the best thing audiences could be greeted by was a Finn solo filled with angst and sexual frustration- isn’t that always fun? And there was no better way to show his angst and sexual need than with a Jim Morrison oldie, but goody. We have to wonder though; does Finn realize he was born in 1994 and not 1964? Him and his love for classic rock, it never got old.


3. “Can’t Fight This Feeling”: For all the teenage “fan-girls” that would come to swoon over the character of Finn, who could forget his steamy shower scene? More importantly than his body, who could forget the first time we heard him sing? Even if he thought he was in the safety of the boy’s locker room.


2. “I’ve Gotta Be Me”: Undeniably one of Finn’s most forgotten performances taking place in an episode centered around Rachel’s decision to get a nose job. Although forgotten, this song explains Finn’s character perfectly the Sammy Davis, Jr. hit explaining the dorky, clumsy boy singing it.



1. “Don’t Stop Believing”: Obviously this would rank as Finn’s most memorable performance, not only because it was the song that launched Glee’s success, but because it would also be the last song Finn would sing before his character would die an untimely death. This song explains the meaning of the Glee club, more specifically known as New Directions.  The song encourages not only the characters, but also the viewers, to be true to who they are and believe in themselves.


RIP Cory Monteith and Finn Hudson! You will never be forgotten.



Written by Alison

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