There’s nothing cheesier than a DCOM, or Disney Channel Original Movie for you weirdos. But those cheesy, 90-minute long movies were the absolute best. Unfortunately, most of the greats (Brink!, Smart House, etc.) are hard to come by. But thankfully Netflix has a few classics for when you need to relive your childhood.


Cow Belles
Rich girls forced to work – always funny.


High School Musical
The movie that took DCOMs to the next level. Admit it, you had a Troy Bolton poster in your locker.


Minute Men
Necessary time-travel movie… equipped with cute boys.


Jump In!
Corbin Bleu went from dancing in the gym to jumping on the streets. And there was some killer music.


The Cheetah Girls
You are lying if you say you didn’t want to be one at one point in your life.


Read It and Weep
Underrated, in my opinion. Disney explores the struggles of becoming famous at a young age. Ironic, isn’t it?


Cadet Kelly
This is the greatest movie ever. No arguments.


Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
Alright, this one was just weird.

Written by Catherine Powell

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