A tiny girl from a tiny town in Oklahoma making sure her voice is heard.  Let it be known, this “little girl” packs quite the punch.

Cady Groves, thanks to RCA Records, finally made the pop album she’s always wanted to make on her new EP, “This Little Girl,” available now.  Stepping away from the acoustic artistry she is known for, Cady maintains her spunky girl-power attitude in five short songs.

By far the strongest track on the EP, “This Little Girl” is reminiscent of Selena Gomez’s up tempo melodies but with more edge.  The song speaks to the strength a heartbreak yields in any girl.  Fans are sure to sing along with its catchy hook “This little girl is capable of murder, cause you hurt her.”

Those who love the acoustic Cady of the past are not left out in “Oh Darling,” a collaboration with Trevor Dahl of Plug In Stereo.  This sweet love song can be described as He Is We meets Never Shout Never with minimal instrumentals and poppy fast-paced lyrics.

One song, I must say, could have been stronger: Cady’s cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You.”  If she made the song her own, as opposed to singing each lyric just the way soulful Adele does, I believe the song would be taken to new heights.

Loyal followers will not be disappointed with Cady’s efforts, however.  I can see her fans blasting these songs while getting ready in the morning or in their cars on the way to school.  To download the full EP, and see for yourself, visit http://www.cadygroves.com.

Rating: 6/10

Written by Catherine Powell