After a 3 year long wait, and I mean long wait, we finally have some new music from Orlando based pop rock band There For Tomorrow. As a longtime fan of the band, I am so happy, and honored to be writing a review for this.

The new EP Nighscape is exactly what every There For Tomorrow fan has been waiting for. Mostly recorded and written by Maika Maile and Chris Kamrada, though Christian Climer and Jay Enriquez are still very much in the band, it has a new rounded out sound that can’t really be defined, but is exactly what you wanted to hear from them. The EP kick’s off with primarily instrumental, with Maile’s vocals in the background, and is a perfectly smooth opener to the pop rock feel they give you throughout the rest of the EP.

The first full song on the album “Lady in Black” with hard hitting rock guitar riffs, a great contrast to the clean pop sound of Maile’s voice. The intense bass and drums in this song are definitely the highlight musically. It creates a full rock sound that’s as addictive as Maile’s voice. Lyrically, Lady in Black is probably the most different, to me, from their previous works. It’s very straightforward and honest, not that they weren’t before, but there’s a certain factor of development that has come in, especially on this song.

If you’re a long time listener of the band, you might most easily get attached to one of the two singles “Dark Purple Sky”, my personal favorite. This song is easily the closest to lyrically and musically to their previous works. “Dark Purple Sky” is the perfect song for a long drive or just to sit and watch the world with. It’s strong lyrics, and Maile’s instense vocals make it a classic TFT hit.

“Racing blood” is the other single, and although musically much more diverse than their previous works, lyrically it has a feel of similarity to their earlier music. The guitar parts in this song are hard to not get stuck in your head and have on loop all day. It’s probably the only song on the EP that didn’t strike me as needing to listen to again and again. While really well written, it’s the least standing out on the EP.

“Breathe Easy” is hard not to fall in love with. The track is easily the most laid back on the EP, and with the soothing backbeat and very smooth vocals from Maile, it’s that song that even in the winter makes you want to be walking on the beach. The relaxed feel of it creates an easy wind-down that transitions perfectly into the final next song.

Finishing up the album on a strong, easy-going, note we have “Tomb.” It’s the love song on the album that Maile writes so well. With the very chill demeanor it displays, it’s a much more cohesive and grown-up version of all the songs Maile has used to cover this topic before.

The final track is an acoustic version of “Lady in Black”, which will probably be on repeat on my iPod for the remainder of the day.

All in all, There For Tomorrow did an excellent job on the comeback EP, and we’re looking forward to seeing more from Maika, Chris, Jay, and Christian in the future! Pick up a copy of Nighscape on iTunes and keep your eyes peeled for when they release info on physical copies!

Rating: 8.5/10

By: Shelby Chargin

Written by shelby

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