Seeing Charles Kelley standing on stage without his Lady Antebellum bandmates beside him is an odd sight – that is, until he starts performing and you realize he can absolutely carry his own weight. After releasing his first single as a solo artist – “The Driver” – Charles Kelley took his new project (and upcoming singer/songwriter Maren Morris) on the road to perform soon-to-be-released tracks off his debut solo album, a few Lady Antebellum songs and a handful of fun covers. The vocalist and songwriter proved he is more than capable of functioning as his own artist, but even he admitted it was taking some getting used to. It’s clear that Lady A’s Charles Kelley and Charles Kelley the solo artist are two very different musicians, and there’s more than enough room for both of them in country music. Check out some photos from the New York City show at Gramercy Theatre.

Photos by Catherine Powell

Written by Catherine Powell

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