Jodi is about to release her debut EP, “Definitely Different” on July 30th. The new 5-track EP is a vibrant combination of vulnerable and uplifting lyrics with a mesmerizing melodic sense. Jodi teamed up with NYC-based producer/songwriter/mixer Jimmy Landry (former A&R rep at Capitol and Elektra Records) to produce the album. Check out Jodi’s thoughts on co-writing!

No matter how many writing sessions I partake in, I still get butterflies before each one. The anticipation of the possibility of what we are about to create is overwhelming to me. “What if this song we write can change the world?’ Aside from this, I cherish any time spent with other “artists” I feel we all share a connection and understanding of the world that differs from non artists. I feel most at ease and myself when engulfed in a creative project.

The only co writing cons I can think of is that in my experience artists tend to be extremely sensitive creatures. That being said, when co-writing a song intended for the other person, sometimes I don’t want to voice my full opinion for fear that the oter person will feel I am overstepping my boundaries, however if I honestly feel it will better the song, I force myself to say it.

Written by Catherine Powell