Glory Days frontman Andy Tongren takes NAKED behind their track ‘Warrior’ off their new EP, Broke in New York.

Andy Tongren: Sometimes the best songs are the most simplistic, bare boned, raw tracks that focus more on telling a story than they do on production or musical flare.  When a song is good, it can be hummed with nothing behind it and not lose any of its meaning.  It doesnʼt need frill or fluff to make it sound bigger or more epic. Although itʼs probably the most overlooked song on Broke In New York, ʻWarriorʼ is a song Iʼll forever be proud of because of its simplicity.

ʻWarriorʼ captures the angsty teenager phase that encompassed all of us at some point in our lives. Itʼs the hometown, school-yard brawl of Broke In New York.  We didnʼt necessarily need to be meticulous in the writing of this song because it came so naturally and made so much sense to us.  When we were young we did things like steal our fathers’ cigarettes, sneak into the liquor cabinet, and stay out all night.  We did these things because we were kids and we wanted to know what it felt like to do the wrong thing and see if we could live that rebellious life.

At some juncture in our young adult lives we all lose control.  We all fear the skeletons we keep in our closets, some more than others.  But, we also have the innate capacity to face those inner demons.  While ʻWarriorʼ remains gruff, in the end itʼs about acknowledging our faults, righting our wrongs, and becoming better people by apologizing, forgiving, and letting go.

Glory Days — “Warrior”

Written by Catherine Powell