Maxx Danziger is the ‘yes’ man, and he has the tattoo to prove it. Check out what Maxx has to say about his hometown, ghosts, and what happens when you play by the rules.

Maxx Danziger: I have a Haunter Pokemon on my left ankle. Now, aside from the fact that Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood and that I’m fascinated by ghosts, this tattoo actually has a pretty interesting story. Back in my hometown, myself and a bunch of my friends have these things called “Yes Nights.” The basic rule of these nights is that if someone asks you do something, you have to say yes. Well, one night one of us decided to ask if we all wanted to get Pokemon tattoos and, of course, we said yes. So long story short, now we all have different Pokemon on our left ankles. I look at it as a symbol of our friendship and a reminder of how ridiculous “Yes Nights”  can be.

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Written by Catherine Powell