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Recap: Breaking Bad – “The Granite State” (S5E15)

All bad things must come to an end, and the worst is yet to come for the beloved characters on Breaking Bad. Last night’s episode set the scene for what is sure to be an epic, messy finale next week. Here’s everything you need to know going into the series finale… The episode starts with Saul… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “Ozymandias” (S5E14)

After last night’s Breaking Bad I need intensive therapy, a hug, tissues and a night light. It made my jaw actually drop several times and I have to say, I officially want Walt dead. Here’s what happened… The episode opens with a flashback to the first cook. Walt walks out of the RV to call Skyler… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “To’hajiile” (S5E13)

I’m still shaking from last night’s Breaking Bad. Did anyone else have a heart attack? I can’t be the only one… Here’s what happened: The episode starts with Todd, Lydia and Todd’s uncles going over Todd’s new meth batch. 76% wouldn’t be bad if it was still blue, but it’s not. Todd says he’ll do… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “Rabid Dog” (S5E4)

In last week’s episode, it appears that Jesse is going to burn down Walt’s house. But he doesn’t. The house still smells like gas, so Walt comes up with an elaborate (and unconvincing) story about a faulty gas pump. So the White family heads to a fancy hotel for the night where Saul and Skyler… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “Confessions” (S5E11)

I can’t deal with Breaking Bad anymore. Like I really just can’t. Here’s what happened… Todd meets at a diner with his uncle and another older man, and tells them all about the train heist. He then agrees to be the primary meth cooker and heads off into the desert. Hank confesses to Jesse that… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “Buried” (S5E10)

Last night’s episode of Breaking Bad started right where the season premiere left off. Walter leaves Hank’s garage and tries to get ahold of Skyler, only to realize Hank has already gotten ahold of her. Walter speeds away in hopes of finding her. Thinking Hank knows everything, Skyler nervously goes to meet him at the… Read more »

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Recap: Breaking Bad – “Blood Money” (S5E9)

I may have just binge watched the first four and one-half seasons of Breaking Bad in the last two weeks, but I am no less obsessed. And last night’s mid-season premiere was as nail-biting, jaw-dropping and stomach churning as ever. The first half of season five ended with Hank finding the book of Walt Whitman… Read more »

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Meet The Filmmakers: Breaking Bad – New York, NY

The Apple Store in SoHo hosted one of their infamous Meet The Filmmakers panels on Monday night with the stars of Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, as well as creator Vince Gilligan. The three guests discussed the upcoming finale of the hit television show (no spoilers!) and how the characters have developed over the last five… Read more »