For a lot of bands, summer is the prime time to get their music out to new people. For our “Summer Roadtrip” guest blog series, we asked artist to discuss their summer plans so fans know where to catch them in the next few months! Check out what Ryan Egan of The Ugly Club had to say.

Having just finished a record and recently returned from a southeast tour of the US that landed in SXSW Austin, our band is without a doubt itching to hit the road again. Unfortunately due to the expenses of releasing an album, we will have to wait a few months before we can plan another tour.  Though this is a bummer for a bunch of guys that would love to travel and show our music to people abroad, we’ve turned this situation into a positive and will be traveling the world — digitally.

With such accessibility to music outlets as well as listeners world-wide due to the abundance of blogs and social networking sites, our goal has been to fully capitalize on the opportunity to reach devout music fans in parts of the world we could only dream of touring.  As a huge fan of world music & literature as well as an enthusiast for traveling, I’ve always been passionate about visiting certain parts of the world and materializing the daydreams I’ve frequently had about countries in South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  It has been my personal aim to build up contacts and network with music writers and music lovers in these international markets and try to get a feel for the industry outside of my home country.  To me this is the realest connection I can have until I am able to take The Ugly Club out of the US. 

When young people in other countries that dig our music contact us, it is a really moving thing for us because we’re just a DIY band getting by and figuring out how to make a living off music on the east coast of the US.  It means so much to us that people outside North America like what we’re doing and it only inspires us to work harder so we can take our music closer to them.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in love with our own country and some of the best moments in my life have been traveling across the US but I have never felt limited to one place to call home.  So to any bands in a similar predicament, try to utilize these tools to connect to people all over the world and develop your own unique summer “touring” plans.  As for US folks, we better see you at our upcoming show dates in New York, Philly, and New Jersey!

Written by Catherine Powell