Rob Morrison of indie roots-rock band The Hollows tells Naked about his ideal summer roadtrip. The North Carolina native wants to keep things southern. And gospel. And hippie.

Rob Morrison: I hail from the south — North Carolina to be exact — and I’ve long desired to take The Hollows on the road through Dixie. Given the southern and rural American influences in our music, it’d be a natural fit. In my mind’s eye, the focal point of the tour would be Asheville, North Carolina, on account of Asheville being just about the best little city for music in the south. Plus I could pay my mom and grandma a visit. And it’s liberal too! I’d kill to play the Orange Peel there. Along the way to NC, I reckon we’d hit DC, Louisville, KY, Morgantown, West VA, Richmond, VA (and maybe a little further east too, to ensure we get some salt water taffy). Athens, GA would be a must, and I have unrealistic visions of a William Eggleston-esque Alabama and Arkansas…not sure they’d dig our hippie look much, though. Then off to Austin, TX and maybe Dallas too…my sister is in seminary out there, and I think she’d help get those god-fearing music lovers to take in some good ole Hollows gospel. These travels would happen in a pair of sweet orange-brown-and-cream striped Winnebagos, while a CCR / Dr. Hook mixtape rocks us across the country.

On a separate note, I love the idea of the band hiking on the Appalachian Trail and making pit stops along the way at venues along the trail (with minimal musical gear of course). It would probably take forever, and we might lose a few members to dysentery, but think of the street cred!

The Hollows — Jepsen Creek (Live at Rockwood Music Hall)

Written by Catherine Powell