After seeing Spring Breakers, it’s hard not to wonder what ACTUALLY happens on spring break. So we caught up with the adorable Rachel Brown to see what her experience was like! Thankfully, no gang-related shoot-outs were involved.

I’ve been lucky to have had four very memorable spring breaks during college. That doesn’t mean each one was a distant, exotic location, though! Staying at home in New York during junior year was full of just as many memories as freshman year in Cancun. But the one that holds a particularly special place in my heart was senior year in Panama. A close friend invited 19 of us to visit his home and travel the country for ten days. Not only was it incredible to travel with a huge group of good friends, but every detail had been so perfectly planned out for us by our host. We just had to show up! Plus, we were all graduating in a few months, so getting us all together one last time was particularly special. 

We spent our days sightseeing or relaxing on the beach, and nights out dancing or just sitting around with drinks, enjoying each other’s company (and by enjoying each other’s company, I mean tearing each other to pieces with a perfectly nuanced humor that makes fun but doesn’t hit below the belt. My friends are experts at this, and we’re always laughing at each other’s expense. In a sweet, “only because I love you,” way, I promise!)
I had never traveled with a group that big, but it was great because there was always someone new to talk to! And we all, thankfully, got along. Sure, we had our brief moments of reality show drama (how could you not when you pile together 19 twenty-something year olds on the brink of graduation?), but with that many people, we had essentially populated our own island. But it was definitely a bonding experience, and a beautiful trip I’ll always remember. Three years later, with our current homes spanning four countries and countless cities, we all still stay in touch over our “Panamaniacs” email list.  

Written by Catherine Powell