After seeing Spring Breakers, it’s hard not to wonder what ACTUALLY happens on spring break. So we caught up with Matt McDonald of Beta State to see what his experience was like! Thankfully, no gangs were involved.

During our first year of college, my long time best friends and I decided we were going to spend our spring break as far away from our hometown as we could.  We decided on San Diego, a beach about 6 hours away, where a good friend of ours was going to school.  At least that’s what we told everybody.

Instead of leaving town, we rented a hotel room a few miles away from where we lived and invited all of our friends for a week long party.  While our families and girlfriends thought we were in San Diego relaxing on the beach, we were actually only a few minutes away, using an inflatable pool as an ice chest and finding out how many different things we could hang from the ceiling.  I’m going to leave the rest to the imagination, but I will say we were left with a $700 bill to repair damages to done to the room.  It was worth every penny!

Written by Catherine Powell