After seeing Spring Breakers, it’s hard not to wonder what ACTUALLY happens on spring break. So we caught up with Dan Miller of Mission South to see what his experience was like! Thankfully, no one was shot on his trip.

Like any good spring break story, it takes place near Mexico.  We’d planned a week long camping trip to Texas with some good friends, that included a stop at Big Bend National Park among other things.  The park is on the border of Texas and Mexico, and on the first night, after some heavy tequila drinking, we decided to take our clothes off.  The Rio Grande River was about a 1/4 mile from our campsite, and with the moon nearly full and the current not too strong, it seemed ideal for some skinny dipping.
We’d been swimming for about twenty minutes when we saw the flashlights in the sky.  In our drunkenness, we’d overlooked that the river was a popular passage for people trying to enter the country illegally, and thus was heavily patrolled and very illegal to swim in.  The cops were on us before we could even think of trying to escape, but worse yet…we’d left our clothes all the way back at the campsite.  
Interestingly enough, this ended up being our saving grace.  In our haste to have a good time, we hadn’t set up our tents, and thus had thrown our clothes in our friend Sarah’s car when we stripped.  We did the wet, naked, police escorted, walk of shame back to her car, only to find that we’d locked her keys inside.  The cops called a locksmith, and by the time he got there two hours later, they’d taken enough pity on our drunk naked asses not to press any charges.  A happy ending indeed.

Written by Catherine Powell